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Crane lifting and

crane hire to lighten your load

Crane lifting and

crane hire to lighten your load

Welcome to the Sólyom Daru Kft. website!

Sólyom Daru Kft. has several decades of experience in crane rental, machine transport, oversized goods transport and goods transport with self-loading trucks, and is committed to excellent customer service and high quality work.

Thanks to our national partner network, we are the company that who will surely solve your crane or transport problem.

Sólyom Daru Kft. is a member of the Sólyom group of companies. The company group began its operations in the 1990s after the regime change, in the fields of goods transport by trucks and truck crane rental. Today, we widely satisfy the needs of our partners not only in the field of cranes, but also through other special jobs such as machine transport, oversized transport or transport with self-loading cars.

Expert on cranes

In the field of crane lifting, Sólyom Daru Kft. has outstanding expertise, and countless satisfied customers and lifts are behind it. Our employees are constantly training themselves in the latest technologies and procedures so that they are always up-to-date. Our services include all areas of crane lifting, so whether it is construction sites, industrial use, or you need cranes inside a hall, Sólyom Daru Kft. is the perfect choice.

Thanks to our extensive, nationwide connections, we provide our partners with the services related to the rental of mobile cranes throughout the country.

We take into account the local conditions and optimize the prices of mobile cranes.

Daruzási szolgáltatásaink elérhetőek Gödöllőn, Nagytarcsán, Budapesten, Győrben, Gödön, Iváncsán, Debrecenben, Gyöngyösön, Hatvanba, Veresegyházon, Szadán és az ország számos egyéb pontján is.

Our crane services are available in Gödöllő, Nagytarcsa, Budapest, Győr, Göd, Iváncsa, Debrecen, Gyöngyös, Hatvanba, Veresegyház, Szada and many other places in the country.

Crane rental for any need

Our company also offers its customers a wide range of crane rentals. The rental of different types and sizes of cranes allows each customer to find the most suitable crane for them. Whether it is

truck crane,

self-loading truck rental

or oversized transport,

you are guaranteed to find the right tool at Sólyom Daru Kft. Thanks to our international relations, in cooperation with the crane companies of the neighboring countries, all types of car cranes, transport equipment and special lifting equipment available in Europe are also available through us. We already have experience with helicopter lifting, or where the truck crane is not suitable, we solve the task with a crawler crane. If working in a small place, it may be necessary to crane on the roof, in which case we serve the needs of our customers with mini cranes, otherwise known as spider cranes.

The reliability of our mobile cranes is guaranteed by our own service, which continuously maintains our equipment. On the supplier side, we maintain an excellent relationship with the service teams of both Demag and Liebherr, who are the official brand representatives of mobile cranes in Hungary, thus ensuring reliable service and continuous work for our partners.

If you are looking for the best in cranes and crane rentals, look no further! Sólyom Daru Kft. is the most reliable partner in the sector, with many years of professional experience, advanced technologies and exceptional customer service.

Sólyom Daru Kft. has an extensive and modern fleet of mobile cranes at its disposal to satisfy all your needs. We have a significant number of Demag city cranes, whose small compact size and excellent load capacity make them unbeatable not only in tight spaces, but also the best means of performing crane tasks within halls or buildings. In addition to working with extreme precision, we also have flexible crane rental options, which allows you to choose the crane that best suits your project, thus ensuring a cost-effective solution.

But technology is only part of the story. The team of experts at Sólyom Daru Kft. will help you throughout your project, providing personalized advice and support so that the results exceed expectations. We always keep safety in mind and are committed to providing a high quality service.

By cooperating with Sólyom Daru Kft., you can be sure that your project is in the best hands. Don’t let your crane and crane rental needs cause you unnecessary stress – contact us and we’ll take care of it for you. Success is guaranteed with Sólyom Daru Kft.

If you would like to experience the high-quality services provided by Sólyom Daru Kft., be it crane, crane rental or truck crane rental, please contact us. Our employees will be happy to help you find the most suitable solution so that your project can be realized successfully and efficiently. Thank you for honoring us with your trust and we look forward to working together for the success of you and your business!

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